The mysterious mind of the Hair Wizard!

I would like to welcome you into the mysterious mind of the Hair Wizard!

After years of working on various lotions and potions, product development and everything hair we are proud to launch the Hair Wizard’s range of products.Every single product has been designed to push the boundaries of creative hairdressing and deliver instantaneous magical results. Or as we call it, Hypnotised Hair.

garyThe Hair Wizard is always on the look out for new apprentices. Whether you’re a creative hairdresser, a product innovator or a fashionista at home there are many ways for you to follow the footsteps of the Wizard! No need for a crystal ball, just sign up to the newsletter or keep one eye on our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest spellbinding products, offers, hair updates and all round Wizardry!

The Wizard himself is always busy casting spells on hair but, if you ever wish to get in touch with him personally just drop him an email at



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