The Hair Wizard Says Thank You

The journey of creating the Potion Wet Range has been a long one for Gary Sunderland – The Hair Wizard and the journey would not have been made possible if it wasn’t for a few key people who helped along the way. From 1 and a half years spent developing formulations to the last few tweaks on branding the range, everyone I’m about to thank below has paid a key role in the creation of this wondrous range of professional products.


Tony Stevens – Hanson Brown Creative

A friend of mine introduced Tony to me and boy am I glad we met. Tony has been beyond helpful in the creative aspect of the brand. Tony is a delight to work with and shares my passion of going that step further and creating something that nobody has ever seen before. We believe you can see this through the creating of the look and styling of the Potion Wet Range and we are excited to continue to develop this together in the future.


Andrew – Superfast Labels

I would like to thank Andrew and the entire team at superfast labels for producing exactly the high quality finish that we intended to have for our products. Thanks to Superfast and their Epson digital printer we believe we have created such “stand off shelf appeal” with the design we have printed on our labels for the Potion Wet Range. Andrew and his team were quick, super efficient and very easy to work with.


Annika Richards – M&H Plastics

I would like to thank Annika and all at M&H plastics for providing us with multiple solutions the bottling of the Potion Wet Range. I believe the bottles add to the highly professional look that we have created for the range.


Louise Tomlinson – Ideal World TV

ideal-worldI would like to thank Louise and the entire team at Ideal World for giving me the opportunity to launch my brand on TV and having faith in the product range as well as faith in me as professional stylist. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening show and I deemed it to be a great success for all involved. I look forward to continuing to work with Ideal World. I would also like to thank Aeron Beckett for co-hosting the opening show with me. Aeron is a fantastic hairdresser and I enjoy working with him and hope to continue working with him on this journey.

I would also like to thank my manufacturing partners (they know who they are) on working with me for the past year and a half to develop such a wonderful professional range of products and I look forward to working with them on adding to the range in the not so distant future.

And finally I would like to thank the professional hair industry for allowing me to do what I love the most. Professional hairdressers are all in one way or another creative people and it’s these people that make me enjoy my work. I look forward to bumping into old friends on my travels and making new friends along the way.

Hope I haven’t missed anyone out!

Gary Sunderland – The Hair Wizard


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