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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new refer a friend scheme! The idea is to reward our wonderful clients with a future discount off their next service as a thank you for introducing their friends to us!

As with all promotions, there has to be some T’s & C’s, (boring, we know). Terms and conditions are as follows:

1. The Refer a Friend scheme goes live as of 23/08/2016 and will continue to run until further notice.

2. The instructions above outline the process that should be followed if you wish to introduce a friend to the salon in return for a discount. Only official “Refer a Friend” cards with the details of the referred friend and the existing client can be used to redeem the promotion for both parties.

3. The referred friend must turn in for their scheduled appointment before the referrer is eligible for any discount on future services. Hence, we keep the filled out referral card as proof that your referred friend did turn up for their appointment and therefore you are eligible for a 20% discount off all services on your next visit to the salon.

4. Once you have referred a friend, the same friend cannot then be referred by another of our existing clients as they will be deemed an existing customer.

5. You can refer as many friends as you wish, and each time you will be eligible for a 20% discount on all services received on your next visit to the salon. If you refer two friends who both have their first appointments with us before you personally next visit the salon for an appointment, you are only eligible for a 20% discount on all services. You cannot accumulate discounts by referring multiple friends within a short time period. You will only ever receive a maximum discount of 20% off all services per appointment when redeeming the refer a friend scheme discount.

6. A referred friend can be anyone who isn’t already an existing client of Gary Sunderland Hairdressing & Training Academy.

7. The reward of a 20% discount on all services is only eligible for a total service spend of £12.50 and above.


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