Potion Wet Range – The Launch

Thursday the 19th of June at 2PM saw The Hair Wizard launch his new haircare range live on Ideal World shopping channel. The live show proved to be quite a success and I can confirm that The Hair Wizard will be appearing for a second show in July.

Gary Sunderland – The Hair Wizard arrived early in the day to style the models and the presenters that would partake in the show with a helping hand from his good friend Aeron Beckett. The hype around the show kept building as it closer to the 2PM kick off time. Once the show began, Gary started to introduce his new range of all-natural hair care products. Made in Great Britain, Gary has spent the best part of 2 years developing these products with his manufacturing partners and is extremely proud of what has been created.

The Hair Wizard started the show by demonstrating his Flirtatious Fibre Gum and Crystal Shine Serum combination to create what he likes to call, a “malleable hairspray”. As Gary pointed out live on air, these are the only two products that aren’t all-natural as it isn’t possible to get these formulations to be all-natural (at the moment in time). The results were tremendous. The wonderful model that was Usha was able to style, restyle and then style her hair again without adding more product. From flattening her hair down to her head and then creating big volume just from running her fingers through her hair, the Hair Wizard’s Flirtatious Fibre and Crystal Shine Serum combination along with his webbing technique to apply the product allowed Usha to push and pull her hair into any shape and style she desired.

The Hair Wizard then went on to demonstrate the enchanting spells he could cast upon hair with his other 7 all-natural products. The use of Spellbound Shampoo and Spellbound Conditioner on Tamara’s hair (Miss London 2014) created such an enhanced shine that she was rendered speechless.

The Hair Wizard looks forward to seeing you all at his second airing on Ideal World tv and would like to thank everyone who took part in the day with a special thanks to Aeron Beckett who helped style Tamara, Nicola and Usha who were the fantastic models. The Hair Wizard would also like to thank the entire team at Ideal World for the opportunity to work with them on launching his range of products and looks forward to working with them on many more occasions in the future.

I now look forward to introducing this fantastic range of products into the professional haircare industry throughout the UK and globally.

If you have any questions from the show, simply drop me an email or tweet your questions to @Gary_Sunderland and The Hair Wizard will get back to you as soon as he can!


Gary Sunderland – The Hair Wizard



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