Magic Happens Everyday within a Professional Salon

  • January 30, 2014
  • by Gary Sunderland
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“Magic happens everyday within a professional salon.” – the Hair Wizard.

As professional stylists we create wondrous transformation on our clients. Changing colour and tone, with mystical blends of colour and application. Reducing or increasing hair length with the creative art of cutting or adding extensions to thicken, lengthen and beautify our clients.

The wizard and his apprentices have been performing magical transformations with the Colour Wand Hair Mascaras, and changing colour length with the Tape and Go colour placement extensions system.

This week the wizard whizzed himself down to Chelmsford in Essex to perform glamorous colour spells with the Colour Wand Hair Mascaras and Tape and Go hair extensions. The colour wand mascaras add temporary colour in the first gel mascara formulation. It is not powder or oil based therefore it will leave your hair gleaming with temporary tonal colour from natural shades to fashion shades such as Fuchsia and Periwinkle. The Colour Wand Hair Mascaras are ideal for temporary cover of grey or instant light colour transformation in seconds. The application is wondrous and the results are astounding.

He also created mystical blends of colours with the Tape and Go hair extensions by blending colours in application. The unique tape system is applied in seconds and the flat bond becomes invisible in the hair. Gone are the days of root tension and discomfort, hair falling in a solid line, endless blending to extract a natural fall. The Tape and Go removes ALL the problems and once applied flows through naturally through the hair whilst adding volume, length and colour.

Magic happens everyday in professional salons and the art and craft performed takes years of mastering. How do you create magic within your salon? Join the conversation on Facebook, twitter or post a comment below.

The Hair Wizard will be out and about at trade shows throughout the land in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out! In the unlikely chance that you don’t see him anywhere, drop him an email at to discuss ways of creating magic!


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