At this year’s Kensington & Chelsea student of the year awards I congratulated the winner and gave them a prize that any young aspiring hairdresser would love to get their hands on.

collegeI invited the winner to a creative, educational photoshoot and filming day where myself, my friends in the professional hairdressing industry and the lucky winner will be creating inspirational hairstyles for my new Potion Wet Range products. On the day the winner will receive training on all of the products with The Hair Wizard range and will partake in creation of all the hairstyling with credits in their name on any filming/photography that is published. Also as a little teaser as to what the winner will be working with on that day, I sent them a few freebie products from the Potion Wet Range.

I wish all the students at Kensington & Chelsea College the very best of luck on their journeys to becoming top professional hairdressers and I look forward to working with the winner in the not too distant future.

Gary Sunderland – The Hair Wizard


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